Quality, Affordable Health Care For All Texans

Texas families and small businesses are struggling as the cost of health care coverage continues to rise. That’s if they’re fortunate enough to have insurance at all or to find the type of coverage they need.


Unfortunately, politicians in control in Washington just don’t seem to care. Because they aren’t doing anything about it.


Texas has the highest percentage of uninsured people in the country.  That includes the highest percentage of uninsured women. The highest percentage of uninsured children.


I’m a grandmother of 1 and 3-year-old granddaughters, and when I think about children and mothers across this state who are being denied the care that they need, I get angry.


I’m running for Congress because I believe that we need representation in Washington that will listen to us and work every day to assure that EVERY person in America has healthcare.

Here are six steps we can take immediately:

1. Create a public option to provide a competitive driver in the insurance marketplace and provide coverage for all.  That includes allowing all families the option to obtain Medicare coverage and provide a subsidized buy-in for those left without coverage because of Texas’ failure to expand Medicaid; 

2. Allow Medicare to use its muscle to negotiate the cost of prescription drug prices;

3. Increase the number of rural health centers and rural insurance plans;

4. Expand the number of families who receive tax breaks to pay for their plans;

5. Expand the use of telemedicine and new technologies;

6. Increase the focus on preventative care which will improve healthcare outcomes and drive down long term costs.

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