Climate And Clean Energy Jobs

Climate change is a crisis that poses an existential threat to the United States and the world. Anyone who isn’t urgently working to address it is failing our responsibility to our kids and grandkids. When I think about the world we are leaving for my grandchildren to inherit, I feel an extraordinary commitment to them.  I want to be able to tell them that I did my part to assure they will live in a world that can sustain their children and grandchildren.


That’s why I support aggressive action now that leads to the United States attaining carbon neutrality by at least 2050.


There are those on the other side who like to talk about the economic costs of action. But we really should be talking about the costs of inaction as climate induced natural disasters like hurricanes, droughts and wildfires become increasingly commonplace. 


We should also be thinking about opportunities that addressing climate change can present. We can achieve the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by ensuring that states like Texas become the leader in green technology, creating thousands of jobs that can’t be shipped overseas.


Steps that can be taken immediately include:


1. Restoring protections once provided through the Environmental Protection Agency that have been systematically unwound by the current presidential administration and that have left communities with little to no protections against air and water pollutants;


2. Incentivizing clean energy solutions like wind, solar and geo-thermal energy;


3. Providing job training for the clean energy jobs of the future;


4. Re-entering the Paris Climate Accord and owning our responsibility as a country to lead the way in clean energy solutions.

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