Gun Safety

I am heartbroken about the senseless loss of life as Texas and our nation tries to come to terms with tragic mass shootings. I am equally troubled by the proliferation of hand-gun violence, which claims the lives of far too many, whether in struggling communities, in domestic-violence incidents or in deaths by suicide. 


But I'm also angry. I'm angry at the inaction by Washington politicians more interested in courting the NRA than protecting the lives of the people they were elected to serve. 


Thoughts and prayers aren't good enough. 


I’m running for Congress because It's time for common-sense action to address this gun violence epidemic. I’m running because I think our kids need to go to school to learn how to think critically, not learn to hide from an active shooter.


Here are things we can do immediately:


1. Pass universal background checks;

2. Ban the sale of military assault-style weapons and large capacity magazines;

3. Ensure that known and suspected terrorists, domestic abusers and those who have been demonstrated to be a danger to themselves or others can’t get their hands on guns through the creation of red-flag laws; 

4. Lift the ban on academic institutions and research facilities and allow them to study the impact of gun violence on public health, providing needed resources to conduct those studies.

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