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Why I'm Running

Like many Texans, I grew up knowing what it means to struggle. As a young, teenage mother, I know how it feels to stand at the grocery counter, looking over my items and deciding what to leave out because I don’t have enough money in my checking account to cover it all.

But I made it. With the help of scholarships and family support, I went from community college to TCU and on to Harvard Law School. I worked hard to give my kids a better life than I had growing up. When I look at my beautiful grandchildren, Ellis and Sawyer, I think about the people in Washington who aren’t looking out for them, but who will make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives.

I think about Texans who are working two jobs and still can’t seem to make ends meet. And those who worry not only about their children getting a quality education, but who also worry whether they’ll be safe in school. I think of all the Texans who have worked their whole lives, only now to wonder whether they can ever retire. Who is giving voice to their stories?

That’s why I became a public servant in the first place. It’s why, as a state senator, I fought against $5.4 billion in cuts to our public schools. It’s why I stood for 13 hours on the Texas Senate floor to fight for Texas women’s healthcare. It’s why I founded a non-profit that empowers young women to speak up and advocate for themselves and their communities.

Win or lose, it’s about doing what’s right. Because I’m a Texan. And Texans don’t quit. Will you join me?

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This district deserves someone who will stand up - every donation helps us make that a reality

This district deserves someone who will stand up - every donation helps us make that a reality

The people of this district deserve someone who will stand up and fight for them

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