Quality, Affordable Education For All Texans

As I talk to Texas families, they tell me over and over again that they are concerned about shrinking resources at their public schools; teachers that are underpaid and overworked; about a lack of affordable, quality pre-k and childcare options and the rising cost of college tuition.


Unfortunately, politicians in control in Washington aren’t responding to the need to create the educated workforce that we need for tomorrow. They’re doing nothing to improve our public schools or make things easier for parents struggling to ensure their kids get access to higher education or trade schools.


I’m running for Congress to be a voice for parents, students and children. I was privileged to serve as a member of the Texas Senate’s Public Education Committee, and I was proud to fight against cuts to our public schools and to fight for the needs of our students.  I will be that same partner in our nation’s Capitol, working every day to create the opportunities that our children and grandchildren deserve.

Here are seven steps I will work on immediately when I get to Washington:

1. Increase funding to states and school districts to raise teacher compensation and recruit and retain a strong, diverse workforce;

2. Invest in school infrastructure and resources;

3. Increase funding capacity in Title I schools and ensure all students have access to academic opportunities like computer science, music, and civics;

4. Meet our federal commitment to fund special education;

5. Enact and fund full day, quality Pre-K for every child;

6. Create affordable quality childcare for all families;

7. Make public and community college free for middle and lower income families.

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the world to us

The people of this district deserve someone who will stand up and fight for them


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